Ministry of Power

Water and Wastewater Company of KhorasanRazaviProvince

Management System Policy

Water and Wastewater Company of Khorasan Razavi Province as a provider of drinking water as well as wastewater disposal in a principal manner within a service driven frame and in accordance with realization of the purposes assumed by the 20-year Vision of Islamic Republic of Iran, and the articles of association of the company on the line of promoting management systems through the establishment of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) announces its policies for continuous improvement based on ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System), and OHSAS 18001:1991 (Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services) standards as follows:

promotion of the service quality, and identification and measurement of the client and subscriber satisfaction in order to promote their satisfaction level.

1.maintain and promotion of incentives, performance, and health of the personnel as the most valuable capital of the company and attempt to increase the their own knowledge, skills, safety and welfare and of their family in order to continuous improvement of the company and elevation of the living quality level of the company familyas a part of Iranian lively society.

2.Identification, control and reduction of environmental effects as well as the occupational risks and hazards at an acceptable level.

3.Technical promotion and applying modern management systems in order to offer desired services within the minimum possible time to acquire the client’s satisfaction and implementation of the rules, laws and requirementsof quality, environmental and occupational health and safetymanagement systems , as well as clients and other legal requirements.

I hereby, begging the help of God Almighty, and seeking the support of honest personnel, full of incentives and fully interested, am sure of achieving the above mentioned goals and I guarantee to attempt to realize them.